How can I help?

Hi, my name is Christa Joy, and I am the person behind Special Needs for Special Kids.

As a special education teacher and as a mom to an adult son with multiple disabilities, I have always been passionate about giving students with the most significant challenges the tools they need to go far in life and reach their greatest potential.

What I quickly realized was that the best way to do that was to support and lift up the teachers who chose to dedicate their careers and lives to working day in and day out with students like my son.  If I can support and encourage just one teacher, that impacts multiple students.

So, how can I help?

  • Provide you a clear path with the right tools to go from being that deer in the headlights teacher to someone the district calls on for advice.
  • Build a supportive community of other teachers, just like you, to grow and share with.
  • Deliver bite-sized content each week that will absolutely make a difference in your classroom.
  • Introduce you to new tools and methods that will get things running more smoothly in your classroom and free up some of your time.
  • Give you access to resources and content that is appropriate, accessible, and engaging to ALL of the students in your incredibly diverse class.
  • Restore your confidence and love of teaching.  Because, THAT is what will keep you in the classroom, making a difference and changing how we teach these most special students.

So, thank you for going on this journey with me.  This first year will be a work in progress, but this I know:

There is nothing more exciting than to see the amazement on a person's face when they realize that not only are we really and truly teaching, but our kids are loving and learning it!!

Thanks again!  And as always, "How can I help?"


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