Special Needs for Special Kids

This site is now the home for a REMOTE LEARNING experience for our students with moderate and severe disabilities.  Until this current crisis ends, this site will be a source for quality lessons and activities for teachers and parents to utilize.  

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Remote learning in a nutshell 

There will be 3 modules for you to access.  Each module should last 2 instructional weeks, or 10 days.  There will be a science unit, a social studies unit, and a novel unit you can work through with your student or child at home.  All of these materials are free and available for you to download and print.


This site will be active starting March 16, 2020.  The following units are available:

  • Maps and Globes
  • Levels of Organization:  an introduction to Biology
  • Because of Winn Dixie

The next series of units will be uploaded on March 30, 2020 if the need is still apparent.

Everything will be fine

Please take care of yourself during this potentially stressful time. My intention is to support teachers (and now parents.) This is not meant to bring any extra stress or confusion. If it is too much for your child, that is OKAY. This is something we are all just trying to figure out as we go along. Be kind to one another, and be kind to yourself. Regardless of what happens, everything will be fine.


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